Predator Version

Predator Version

Conquer The Call

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Combine the countless in-the-field hours and predator knowledge of Fred Eichler with the World Champion calling skills of Torry Cook and you end up with the most information filled way to learn how to call and hunt predators ever. This Predator Nation version of Conquer The Call will explain basic to advanced calls, show how to do them and explain how to put them to use in the field. The Tips and Tactics section brings out all of Fred and Torry’s secrets so you’ll be sure to have the upper hand on your next coyote set.

Lip Squeak, Rabbit Distress, Fawn Distress, Pup Wimper, Gray Fox, Coyote Howl, Blue Jay Distress, Racoon Distress

USB Installation, Calibrated microphone, Customer Service Support

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